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 Legends II - The conflict

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PostLegends II - The conflict

Rackool was The Emperor's most trusted council member.Rackool was also the most powerful in the art of magic within the Dai Loo. Rackool was the one to discover world portals, and subsequently Rizzacha and Karanah.

But he was exiled in Karanah, for Rizzacha was home of the Dai Loo, and the Emperor couldn't afford to exile him there. Rackool made his first studies on Valorey, after which he studied in Rizzacha. The Emperor feared that Rizzacha held many more secrets than Rackool already uncovered, and he couldn't afford to exile him there... Only he, The Emperor, knew what powers Rizzacha holds, and only he could read the "Lines of the Ancients". An ancient book with devastating powers, it had the power to destroy the vast world of Rizzacha and all the other worlds with an open portal tied to it, if read by unworthy souls!
It seems that The Emperor was a worthy soul... But Rackool was not, yet he was able to read the book without any difficulty. He corrupted the book and stole it, so that only he had the power of the ancients.

The conflict started when The Emperor sensed the evil bindings inside Rackool's soul. The Emperor tried to stop the binding's spreading, but the only way to get rid of the evil side of his soul was death. The Emperor didn't want to kill Rackool because he thought he could be useful, but little did he know that in all this time, Rackool was using the Emperor.

While The Emperor was busy inspecting Rackool, he almost forgot about defending the ancient book. That's when it happened. Rackool stole the "Lines of the Ancients". The Emperor sensed it right away, and sent all of his mages and high priests, even "The Mages of the High Pentagram", a group made out of six mages, who constantly empower the barrier between Rizzacha and Valorey.

Once a portal is opened from a world to another, that portal cannot be closed, yet it can still be cloaked, hidden. These mages had only one purpose: to hide the portal so that nobody could enter or exit Rizzacha without The Emperor's permission. But they didn't only hide the portal, they blocked it with a constant magical aura around both sides of the portal.

While these mages were gone, the portal was left unprotected, and even worse, it was left visible. Rackool profited from The Emperor's mistakes, and as soon as the portal was unprotected, he went to Valorey. The Emperor saw the gravity of the situation, so he decided to go to eliminate Rackool himself.

The showdown between The Emperor and Rackool never happened, as Rackool created several magic doppelgangers to fight with The Emperor while he created the portal from Valorey to Karanah. The Emperor easily fought the clones, but by the time he finished all of them, Rackool was no more, so The Emperor followed him into Karanah. Compared to Valorey, time passes a hundred times faster in Karanah so Rackool had enough time to hide. The Emperor had a quick search, after which he returned to Rizzacha.

The conflict was over, The Mages of the High Pentagram returned to their positions, the army returned to Rizzacha, and The Dai Loo got rid of Rackool. The Emperor had the mages seal the portal once more. Nobody heard anything from him for 20.000 years. But the conflict was all but over!...

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Legends II - The conflict

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