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    Dai Loo ranks and denominations

    DeathLord - Member of the Dai Loo civilization. The correct term would be DaiLoe, but they were demonized by the Rucckada and DeathLord stuck with them. They soon took over the term for themselves.
    "Fhyeg is a DeathLord."

    Recruit - Newcomer of the Dai Loo army, usually relatively weak. Mostly beginners in the art of magic and combat. Also known as trainees.
    "Alex is a DeathLord recruit."

    Trooper - Experienced soldier of the Dai Loo, usually having at least 10 years of experience within the Dai Loo army. They are mostly experienced in combat, but still in the early stages of their magic training.
    "Alex is soon to become a DeathLord trooper."

    Elite - Hardened soldiers, most of them veterans of dozens of wars. They mostly have around 40-50 years of experience within the army, and are usually experts in the art of combat, but still in early to decent stages of magic training.
    "Alex was saved by a few elites during a war."

    Agent - Special member of the Dai Loo army. They are very intelligent, charismatic, masters of the combat arts and have relatively good magic skills. Agents are some of the Dai Loo's best weapons. A good agent can supposedly best as many as a hundred DeathLord elites. They are also exceptionally trained in covert ops.
    "Ryie is a DeathLord agent, and a champion in the arena."

    Emperor - The current emperor of the Dai Loo. Usually one of the strongest DeathLords excluding the Exzyras and Folgoras (as they are mostly in delegations throughout The Gate)
    "Emperor Drown announced the return of Fhyeg."

    The Emperor - The legendary emperor of the Dai Loo. Said to be the strongest DeathLord in existence, his location is unknown. There are a lot of myths and rumors about The Emperor, and except for knowing that he exists, nobody knows anything about him, not even his name.
    Some say he transcended into a god, others say that he's imprisoned by the gods, while others say that he doesn't exist.
    Fhyeg supposedly met him a few times, though he never tells anybody about it.
    Prophecies say that he will return to Valorey once again when he will have trained enough, and when the seal on Karanah breaks.
    "Fhyeg supposedly met The Emperor."

    ============Special denominations=================================

    Exzyra - Exceptionally strong DeathLords capable of rebirth. They are unmatched in combat or magic skills, and they use type III magic. They are very rare, and even one of them can supposedly defeat the entire DeathLord army (except other Exzyras) without breaking a sweat. They create, on very rare occasions, Folgoras when they rebirth.
    Exzyra roughly translates to "dominant one" in Daiola (The Dai Loo language).
    The only known Exzyras are Fhyeg and Folgora (Fulgure).

    Folgora - Very strong DeathLords which got their powers as a result of an Exzyra's soul possessing them after rebirth. They gain combat and magic skills from the respective Exzyra, and the memories which the Exzyra selected for them. They are relatively weak in the moments right after the rebirth, but they grow in magic exponentially after that.
    Each one of them too could best the entire DeathLord army with difficulties, provided none of the Exzyras or other Folgoras would step in.
    They got their names after the first one to have become one. His name was Folgora, but he later changed his name to Fulgure to avoid confusion. He is now an Exzyra.

    Lhakryma - Relatively strong DeathLords that got their powers from other DeathLords, mostly from other Folgoras. Lhakrymas are sometimes formed from very intense emotional scenes from another DeathLord towards the Lhakryma candidate.
    Most often though, Lhakrymas are a result of a DeathLord reviving a dead person, thus infusing them with immense magical power. Weaker (considering magic) DeathLords often die when attempting to revive a person, so that only the Lhakryma will be alive and with magic power (as a revival will always revive the dead person, even if the reviver died in the process). Lhakrymas have emotional links with their reviver.
    Folgoras and other Lhakrymas have a higher chance of survival when performing this act. Exzyras never die when performing a revival.

    The Gate
    The Gate - The whole system of interconnected worlds. Valorey, Rizzacha, Karanah are part of The Gate. Usually used when talking about unexplored worlds.
    "We are going on an expedition to explore The Gate."

    Finger - A world within The Gate which has direct access only to a palm world.
    "Rizzacha is a finger of the palm Valorey from our local fist."

    Thumb - A world within The Gate which has direct access to a palm world and a one way access to a finger or another thumb world from the same fist.
    "Marlowe is a thumb with a one way portal to Karanah."

    Palm - A world within The Gate which has direct access to "fingers" and "thumbs". Palms also have connections to other palms.
    "Valorey is the palm of our local fist."

    Fist - A collection of worlds composed of a palm and that palm's respective fingers/thumbs. Usually has at least a dozen worlds.
    "Our local fist includes the palm Valorey, thumbs Marlowe, Poruhue, Hagrija and Onahra and fingers Rizzacha, Karanah, Spenorah, Ugasic, Benyius, Antrophacia, Riyune, Nun. Vsarchyi, Fzah, Hejonee, Btharyie, Anothei, Luum and Bengraphca."

    Body - A cluster of fists connecting the palm of each fist through special portals called "necks". Each palm in a body usually connects to at least 2 other palms from different fists.
    "We have around a hundred fists in our local body."

    Disc - A big cluster of bodies, connecting one palm from a body to another palm from another body through a special tunnel called a "longneck". The palms which are connected in this way are called "longpalms".
    "We don't know the extent of our disc within The Gate."

    Primordial components

    There are six main components of The Gate, although two of them are actually the same thing.
    They are "the physical", "the elemental", "the chaos", "the cosmos", "the arctorum" and "the spectra". The physical includes the elemental, but they are in different categories because of convenience with magic studies.
    Except for The Physical/The Elemental, they come in opposite pairs: The Chaos - The Cosmos, and The Arctorum - The Spectra.

    The Physical - Fundamental part of The Gate. Includes most matter and submits to the laws of physics.

    The Elemental
    - Includes the alchemical elements fire, water, earth and wind. They are actually part of The Physical, but they're in a separate category because it's easy in magic to call upon these elements. They too submit to the laws of physics.

    The Chaos - Fundamental part of The Gate. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that the laws of physics don't apply to it. It is the opposite of The Cosmos.

    The Cosmos - Fundamental part of The Gate. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that the laws of physics don't apply to it. It is the opposite of The Chaos.

    The Arctorum - Fundamental part of The Gate. It is essentially what they call magic. It can take physical and elemental forms when used. It is the energy of life, also known as vital energy. Every living being has, to some extent, arctorum. It has seemingly infinite potential, as people can train themselves to multiply their arctora. As soon as somebody gets in touch with their arctora, it grows passively within them, however, training drastically amplifies this effect. The term "arctora" is used when talking about somebody's arctorum (I will use my arctora to lift up that rock). The laws of physics partially apply to it. It is the opposite of The Spectra.

    The Spectra - Fundamental part of The Gate. Not much is known about it, but it is known that the laws of physics do not apply to it. It is basically the energy of the dead. The Arctorum seemingly has no effect over The Spectra, but The Spectra has effect over The Arctorum. Spectra is supposedly a lot harder to harvest and train, and as opposed to The Arctorum, it is passively reduced, making hard training a necessity. It is the opposite of The Arctorum.

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