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 Legends I - The naming

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PostLegends I - The naming

30.000 years ago, there were five civilizations that ruled the world of Valorey. The Dai Loo were one of them, they were the only ones to discover magic, and so they created a portal to another world, from where they could easily protect Valorey. That world was called Rizzacha. Time runs ten times faster in Rizzacha, but nobody ages. In fact, the more time one spends in Rizzacha, the more time they can spend in Valorey without aging.

They had plenty of time to develop new skills and magic. They had enough time to train, so that they became the most powerful civilization of the five. They spent most of the time in Rizzacha, only coming to Valorey on regular patrols or when they were at war with other civilizations.

20.000 years later (10.000 years ago), they faced one of the strongest enemy, the Rucckada clan, which was more powerful than any civilization they fought so far. A mere clan, more powerful than whole civilizations...
Their secret was a former member of the Dai Loo, one that was exiled out of Rizzacha because of his intentions. It was Rackool, former high priest of the Dai Loo.

Rackool was trained in all the Dai Loo arts, him being the pioneer of the world portals, and the one to discover Rizzacha. Rackool opened another portal to a new world named Karanah. Karanah was a parallel world to Valorey, everything was almost the same as in Rizzacha, only time passed much faster than in Rizzacha, ten times faster, but Karanah had much more advanced technology and many more civilizations.
Rackool conquered all the 78 civilizations of Karanah. Nonetheless, he was able to recruit an army there, and in the time he built the army, he trained each one of his soldiers in the arts of magic and combat. Even though his army was rather small, numbering in the thousands, their skills in magic and combat made them a few thousand times stronger than regular soldiers. So much so, that even one of Rackool's soldiers could single-handedly defeat tens or hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

When the war between the Dai Loo and Rucckada started, the huge Dai Loo army numbering in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, was decimated by the Rucckada in the first hours of combat, with few losses on the Rucckada's side...
In the end, the Dai Loo lost all of their main army, but Rackool still had a few dozen men left. With their army annihilated, Rackool and his troops would have easily conquered the Dai Loo.

The Dai Loo high priest council was desperate, and in a desperate act, all the surviving members, except the Emperor, sacrificed themselves to give their energy to their champion, the Emperor, and his ultimate weapon, The Ruritzian, an ancient sword, which had to be charged with vital vital energy in order to unleash it's true potential.

All the Dai Loo council members were dead, their armies were decimated, the civilians were slaughtered, they were all frightened to death, except one, the Emperor. The Emperor wielded The Ruritzian in an epic battle against Rackool's forces. They were no match for the Emperor, he swat them away like mere flies. Rackool was a different case though. He had mastered his magic and combat skills, and he developed new techniques the Emperor didn't know.

They fought for hours on end, but unfortunately, the Emperor was still too weak to defeat him, so he instead used all his remaining energy, and the energy within the Ruritzian to stun Rackool and his remaining troops just enough so he could seal them inside of their own world, Karanah.

All was over for the Dai Loo... The Emperor knew that his enemies will strike now, when they were most vulnerable. He knew that the seal wouldn't last forever, and that Karanah had a considerable advantage over Rizzacha in terms of time speed, so he started focusing on nothing but training. The Emperor started a journey going from world to world, challenging the champions of those worlds, and training as hard as he could, so that when the seal breaks, he'll be ready.He appointed somebody to take his place as emperor until he returns...

The war between the Dai Loo and the Rucckada was fought in Valorey, and some of the Rucckada wrote about it. In their historical accounts, the Dai Loo civilization appears as "DeathLords". The Rucckada believed that Rackool was to lead them to a better world, and they were going to reclaim their rightful land. In this world view, the Dai Loo were the bad guys. Rackool made sure to demonize the Dai Loo as much as he could to motivate his men.

10.000 years later, when the great Zaraghon was born, the Dai Loo officially accepted the pseudonym "DeathLords". From that day on, everybody considered them evil and rumors circulated about them actually being demons. People were afraid of them, which worked in the Dai Loo's favor, because fewer people would dare meddle in their affairs, and there would be fewer opponents to wage war with. They were still the guardians of Valorey.

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Legends I - The naming

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